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So, has needed an update BADLY for a long time now. It’s pretty embarrassing when you’re a web designer and your personal site looks like crap, but on the other hand, when are you supposed to work on your own site when you’re busy making other peoples’ websites pretty? I just finished up a pretty big client site, and have decided to give myself a break from client work to do a little housekeeping on my own projects. This site was at the top of my list!

Nothing super fancy–clean and open, with a nice display for my artwork, and a new blog section for sharing sketchbook work, shop updates, etc.–and it’s all responsive (so it looks pretty on mobile devices, too). I’m back-posting a few things now, to give a feel of what’s to come! I’m probably the most sporadic blogger on the face of the planet, but I do draw in my sketchbooks constantly, when I’m not too busy with client work and/or art for sale, so I plan on making it a point to share any fun sketchy stuff here.

Have a look around, and enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

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